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Cardova is an easy to use application, and it has all you need.
With a variety of products in different categories such as electronics, cars, health & beauty, mechanics, homeware, fashion, etc.
Users can enjoy the Cardova app and get various discounts. Each Cardova user will also have a unique QR code and an account with a number of crystals which they can earn by performing very easy activities and making transactions. Crystals transfer into cash and can be used to buy any product displayed on our application.
Cardova is one of the few mobile applications that opens the door for small stores and businesses to reward their customers with cashback in Egypt.
If you live in Alexandria, Egypt, get all the products and the goods you need delivered at your doorstep with one click. Our payment options will be limited to the crystals earned by each user, and by cash upon receiving the products ordered. We are looking to expand the payment options to meet our customers’ needs.


We encourage sales by making customers aware of offers and discounts in their local communities while providing an online market.



To make online business easier and more efficient with honesty and integrity.

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